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I have nothing to add. But the polls suggest support for dropping the categorical ban is higher than ever. You would not have that kind of authority over me. Do we bar them from combat duty on that basis when fighting an Islamist enemy? Certainly, there are a number of arguments in favour of women being excluded from front line fighting.

If there were a group of women with the size and strength of Goliath, it would still be wrong to send them into battle. Reply Scott McDonald February 5, at Reply buddyglass January 28, at 1: Women are generally considered to be very gentle, caring and compassionate.

This is an excellent essay. We live in an age of sexual insanity, murdering our own children and sending our daughters off to die.

The church does not defend Jesus not because it would do a miserable job of it, but because Jesus defends the church. As the gentle sex, women are traditionally associated with caring and with creating life rather than with its destroying.

This is the rationale for "Women and children first". And even though women today do have the opportunity to enter the army, they are not officially allowed to enter combat and fight alongside their male counterparts.

Indeed, who would put a gun into the hands of such a tender and vulnerable being as a woman? Remember the people that are making the rules are not the ones carrying the ruck sacks and digging the fighting positions. It means someone with lesser ability is teamed with you and gets you killed.

Please allow a woman this courtesy! Rather, they should be judged on the basis of their abilities and personal characteristics. Your insinuation that you would coerce an outcome on me is unpleasant. How do you circumscribe this sort of paternalism?

Reply Suzanne McCarthy January 30, at 3: Akash Charles January 28, at 4: I have my own young adult children and I would not allow my male children to die in my stead.

You could fix this easily by adding a short sentence such as "I believe that women should be given a chance at this role". Therefore, it would not be correct to generally exclude women from front line fighting on account of characteristics that, in reality, are possessed by both men and women, though to a different extent.

Reply Denny Burk January 28, at Because of this, they would have difficulties in handling the extremely heavy military equipment used on the field; the manipulation of a gun would take them longer, which would create an opportunity for the enemy to shoot first.

Reply coramdude January 29, at 7: Thus, in the light of these arguments, it may seem to be a logical conclusion that women should not be allowed to fight in the front line. That is to say what are its limits?

However, it is crucial to note that the above arguments are based on the traditional image of a woman and are generalized statements or generalizations rather than ultimate facts related to specific women; in other words, they may not be true for every woman.

In addition, it is important to realize that being in combat is an extremely difficult time for every human being, whether it is a man or a woman.

For every horrible thing it is uniquely possible to do to a woman there is some analogous abuse that can be perpetrated against a man. The moral points have been made by others.

Reply coramdude January 28, at Common sense is on the side of allowing a person who may have a very limited lifespan left to live, to die for the sake of her son, who may be the father of very young children.

They will be, and lowering the standards in any military situation costs lives.May 13,  · On January 3, women were being considered for roles in ground-combat operations, causing a debate, can women effectively participate in combat?

Some men and women are ready for the change and feel women can do anything a man can do. Women in Combat Essay Words | 5 Pages.

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Women in Combat Women have played a tremendous role in many countries' armed forces from the past to the present. Women have thoroughly integrated into the armed forces; all positions in the armed forces should be fully accessible to women who can compete with men intellectually and physically.

Women in Combat essaysThe Idea of women in combat is not unusual anymore. Women should be able to hold combat positions because, although physical strength matters, the military still needs the intelligence that women can bring.

By banning women from combat it also hurts their military careers. A. flawed. In addition, the historical value of women in combat suggests that women can play a valuable role in the US military in combat. Further, inability to experience ground combat seriously limits the potential career track for women in the military.

Taken together, these arguments suggest a potentially valuable role for women in ground combat in the US military. The issue of women in a combat role in the US.

Below is an essay on "Women in Combat" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. sition/Question of Policy Topic: Woman should be allowed in all Combat Roles/5(1). The Depiction of Women in Combat Roles Essay - According to the observations of Vogel, Porter and Kebbell ( 91), women who are associated with violence e.g.

within terrorist or counter-terrorist operations, are treated with fascination, or are put forward as examples of the abnormal.

Women in combat roles essay help
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