Swot analysis of hp lenovo and

Not all of them have proved profitable. In this era of technology, where China produces tech products at a very low cost, most of the companies goes to China to have their products developed at a low cost. Strong Product Portfolio — It offers different type of products including personal computers, smartphones, tablet computers, electronic storage devices, workstations, servers, IT management software, peripherals, storage devices, printers, televisions, scanners, and smart televisions.

It recently introduced its Elite X3 which comes equipped with various business and productivity features. It became the largest personal computer vendor by unit sales in It is mainly because of the increased use of mobile technology. It targets to become one of the leading technological companies of the world.

Where other companies are not too much strong in the Non-English spoken area for example in China, Lenovo adopted the new cultures in Non-Chinese regions. These are its traditional strongholds. This has resulted in a strong brand reputation. Negative Sales Growth of Smartphone Industry — for the first time in the history, the smartphone market experienced a negative growth in the year The company is fair to the Hiring of new employees, employee promotions, and compensation of employees.

Apart from a declining PC market, currency volatility in major economies of the world is also a major challenge. Recently, it merged with Computer Sciences Corp. After having acquired Motorola Mobility, Lenovo is now targeting maturer markets for further growth. Lenovo is now in the process of international development.

SWOT analysis of HP

It will prove hard for Lenovo to compete in such market and continue to grow its market share. Also, HP had to lay off a large number of workers because of the falling sales and revenue.

Significant macroeconomic challenges for brands in personal technology industry — The brand in the personal technology industry are facing severe macroeconomic challenges. Full Functionality in the Developing Countries — If Lenovo gets full functionality in the Asian developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan then it may increase its profit margin.

Demand has grown very fast in this area and Lenovo too could make use of these opportunities for faster growth. It is also one of the major providers of service network products.

Increasing demand of cloud based services. Saturated smartphone markets in developed countries.

SWOT Analysis of Lenovo

This essay will use SWOT analysis to analyse Lenovo Company in the areas of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats respectively. Company Overview Lenovo Group Ltd. Apart from it, the company can gain by diversifying into newer areas.

HP SWOT Analysis 2016

Its market share might have grown over time but Western markets still make a tiny contribution to its sales. Lenovo is selling the ThinkPad brand notebooks which are considered to be the most engineered and reliable PCs in the world.

The diversified portfolio of products gives it to offer variety of products all over the world. The company has a significant market reach all over the world in nearly all of the markets it operates. Weaknesses Poor competency in acquisitions. Poor presence in the tablet market. Most importantly, through successful acquisitions and joint ventures, Lenovo accessed new markets and distribution networks.

Weaknesses Poor brand perception in the developed economies. Computer hardware commodity products are sold with a very low profit margin.


By this, it achieves stabilized earning throughout the year. It is also able to manufacture low cost products that are price competitive. These companies are grabbing smartphone and laptop market shares. The acquisition made Lenovo one of the leading global PC makers.

For Lenovo, China is the country where it originated. If it continues, Lenovo may experience a negative sales growth in future as well. It competes in terms of price, quality, brand, technology, reputation, distribution and range of products, with Acer, Apple, Dell, HP and Toshiba.

This is especially threatening for HP as the company is already behind its rivals in terms of quality, price and technological advancement of some of the products.Lenovo Company SWOT Analysis.

1. Introduction. Firstly, Lenovos market share in China is dominant compared to other competitors like Dell and HP. Lenovo is one of the leading brands in China and has maintained this leading place for over 10 years.

The companys overall PC market share in China reached % in the fiscal year, an. HP Hewlett-Packard 2. Toshiba 3. Apple. 4. Dell. 5. Acer. The brandguide table above concludes the Lenovo SWOT analysis along with its marketing and brand parameters.

Similar analysis has also been done for the competitors of the company belonging to the same category, sector or industry.

Threats in the SWOT Analysis of Lenovo: Competition can affect market share: Lenovo faces intense competition from various global companies such as HP, Dell, Samsung, Apple and Acer etc. in the PC and smartphone market. Swot Analysis of Hp, Lenovo and Apple Essay Hewlett-Packard SWOT Analysis Strengths Hewlett-Packard is a global technology company and after its merger with Compaq it became world's biggest computer hardware and peripherals company in the world, ranking 20 in the Fortune list.

This is Hewlett-Packard Company SWOT analysis in Dell Inc., Fujitsu Limited, International Business Machines Corporation, Lenovo Group Limited, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Corporation and many others. Lenovo SWOT. Microsoft SWOT. Samsung SWOT.

Hewlett-Packard SWOT Analysis Strengths Hewlett-Packard is a global technology company and after its merger with Compaq it became world’s biggest computer hardware and peripherals company in the world, ranking 20 in the Fortune list.

Swot analysis of hp lenovo and
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