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I have been re-reading and re-reading "Absalom, Absalom! I went into these chapters belligerently not giving a toss about reality TV and believing the Christian rock music scene to be the single most colossally redundant human phenomenon to date; I came out a changed reader.

He, too, admitted his sleight of hand at the end of the book, going so far as to document every instance in which he combined characters, moved the timing of events, or conflated multiple trips into one.

The second pleasure is the sophistication.

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We live in such constant nearness to the abyss of past time that the moment is endlessly sucked into. For more on "Pulphead," visit the Farrar, Straus and Giroux website. I often feel like a goldfish that, by the time it hits the glass wall of the tank, has forgotten about the plastic castle it passed.

The show becomes needy, invasive; shipped off to the Hilton, the Sullivans watch episodes filmed in rooms of their home supposedly off limits. I just might drop bread crumbs behind me as I do. In each, one gets the distinct impression often rendered by the best essayists: But after reading Pulphead, I will follow Sullivan down any rabbit trail he chooses to venture.

Sullivan has attained a new world record for making the greatest number of gratuitous errors yet to appear in print about that largely misunderstood nineteenth-century polymath. Whereas before the work crew had been careful not to leave a trace of evidence after shooting, they began, like lipstick left on a collar, to make mistakes.

The facts, he maintains, are real, but their representation is pure theater. And I found myself jotting down notes in order to seek out the songs Sullivan cited — one of which, Let Him Go, I am listening to right now.

Pulphead by John Jeremiah Sullivan

The first pleasure of Pulphead is the subject matter. The book is made up of pieces that were written over a twelve-year period, and each of them had its own inspiration.

Then, there were the lavishing of gifts and the novelty of something new: James Frey betrayed it; Truman Capote padded it. The entirety of his Axl Rose essay centers around his inability to get an interview with the musician: If that is so, I herewith declare that in his Rafinesque chapter Mr.Get this from a library!

Pulphead: essays. [John Jeremiah Sullivan] -- "A sharp-eyed, uniquely humane tour of America's cultural landscape--from high to low to lower than low--by the award-winning young star of the literary nonfiction world In Pulphead. REVIEWED: Pulphead by John Jeremiah Sullivan. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

pp., $ Published in Issue By the time I finished Pulphead, John Jeremiah Sullivan’s wildly interesting book of essays, the book had set me a list of mi-centre.com to country blues, Bob Marley, and Jamaican speech.

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PULPHEAD. Essays. by John Jeremiah Sullivan. BUY NOW FROM Yet New York Times Magazine contributing writer Sullivan (Blood Horses: Notes of a Sportswriter's Son, ) is always inherently a part of these stories, conscious of himself as an observer and of his perspective as an interpreter.

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John Jeremiah Sullivan

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Pulphead essays sullivan
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