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Imagine, what do you get when you mix gray with yellow? You get a grayish yellow. So how do you get neutral white? Since white paint should have a gain of about 1. The one advantage the Behr Silver Screen had over the Studiotek was black level, which is expected from gray paint--the darker the screen, the darker the black level.

Other companies make paints they claim are formulated for home theater screens. So we started our evaluation with the popular Behr Silver Screen formula.

The Behr Silver Screen is the perfect solution for people who watch rolling credits. Conversely, warmer tone white paints look warmer because they are reflecting a bit more red and yellow relative to blue. If you use this Projection paint of white on your screen, flesh tones will look a bit cooler than the projector is putting out, while blue skies will be Projection paint oversaturated.

But it is not a paint we would recommend for optimum home theater performance.

It has absolutely no color bias, no gain, with a pure smooth finish that reflects the maximum amount of image detail. They all look white. Since white paint will have a gain of about 1.

First, if we are going to build a great screen, we need a standard of perfection to compare it to.

Painting the Perfect Screen for $100

If the white has a bright, cold, crisp tone, it is because it is reflecting more blue light than is ideal. That, to us, is the Stewart Studioteka perfectly neutral 1. Would it be possible to find a perfect replica?

We have not done any further retesting or searching for an alternative paint to recommend. Goo Systems makes a great and very popular paint product. Overall, the Behr Silver Screen paint does not deliver a balanced image. If you mix gray and blue you get a grayish blue.

In scenes with a black background and white highlights such as rolling credits, the paint showed a higher contrast image and a much more solid black. They each have a subtle color bias that will affect how your projected image looks.

Projection Screen Paint

Of course, there are paints out there that are specially designed for home theater. Sherman Williams has changed the formula for the paint recommended in this article. Previous testing with Goo showed that it is perfectly color balanced, and an impressive product. But the Behr Silver Screen kills color saturation, and it appears to reduce vibrancy in the warmer end of the spectrum.

But the compromise of the yellow is more noticeable. Many people are interested in gray screens and paints due to their increased black level.

Projector Screen Paint

This should not be surprising. They will give flesh tones a bit more warmth than normal, while reducing the brilliance of a blue sky or the Projection paint look of green grass. Red and yellow color saturation is the most muted, and white highlights appear as subdued grays.

It is now too glossy. On the Behr gray paint, flesh tones looked horrible, appearing dirty or ash-colored in comparison to the Studiotek Illuminating these two surfaces with a variety of test patterns and video clips revealed significant differences in contrast and color balance. That, in itself, is not a problem if you have a small enough screen or a bright enough projector.

But none of them are the perfectly neutral white that you want on a home theater screen. We painted a test board and mounted it in front of the Studiotek It certainly is not showing you what the projector is putting out. The objective is to avoid these errors.Projection screen paint is a no wires, no mess, create any size in any type of environment solution to Ultra HD projection.

A bigger image makes its easier to see all the HD detail in BluRay and p HD video. Elite Screens- ChromaFlux Screen Paint ChromaFlux ScreenPaint5DS2 - Sprayed is a water-based projection screen paint for 2D and 3D applications.

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At ProjectorScreen you can buy the Paint On Projector Screen, a projection screen paint used to create a projector screen on any surface. Check now!5/5(). Can I paint on glass o plexi for rear projection?

Asked by: wells It can be painted on plexiglass ONLY after using an oil or alcohol based primer first.

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Projection paint
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