Prevent robbery

Keep a spare key in a prearranged room, in case an employee is locked inside after a robbery. Which is why I am not a fan of heist films that glorify armed robbers.

Train employees to watch for and report suspicious people and activity. Hang signs that announce you have camera surveillance.

I heard their stories of being terrified by armed robbers who shout and wave guns and manhandle them. Keep cash at a minimum, and post notices in the doorway of this fact. Go directly to the bank. Install signs that announce you have little cash on hand.

Mann attempted to humanize the violent criminal by exaggerating a romance Dillinger had with Billie Frechette. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Periodically test video surveillance equipment to verify it is in proper working order. Do not make other stops along the way. A clear view to the register from the street or parking lot assists police officers to see inside as they patrol the area.

Convicted thief and current consultant Troy Evans spoke to The Financial Brand about how bank branches can up their security measures. Opening and Closing Procedures Two employees should open and close the business. Mark the edge of the main doorway with measuring tape.

The plan should become "second nature" to you. Write down the license plate number of any suspicious vehicles. Physical Deterrents Always keep the inside of your business well lighted, especially the entrances and exits.

Keep your building well-lit and visible from the street. Be observant and check often to see if you are followed. If the robber used a hold-up note, try to retain it, and handle it as little as possible.

Hamilton was one of the two women who accompanied Dillinger to his last picture show. Work with your team Like with customer service, other steps taken by your employees can help deter robberies. In the film Dillinger tells reporters a sad story of how he received a long prison sentence after robbing a store when he was only Install a silent alarm system with a hidden panic button that notifies the security company if trouble occurs.

Attempt to alert other employees by use of prearranged signals, but only if safe to do so. Lock all doors and ask all witnesses to remain until the officers arrive. If a witness must leave, obtain his or her name, address and telephone number. This is an important piece of evidence.

You may want to have your employees all sign non-disclosure agreements that extend beyond their employment.

If the activities inside a building are clearly visible to passersby, bank robbers may be more easily deterred. Today, all banks employ a similar strategy to deter robbers - dye packs, bait money, security cameras and even armed guards - but there remain steps above and beyond that further improve branch security.

Install surveillance camera equipment. Glance into the back seat and floor boards of your car before you enter and check for anyone who may be hiding inside. So much for romance. If possible, make bank deposits during the day with two people.

How to Prevent a Bank Robbery

Always lock all doors whether you are in or out of your car. Avoid wearing name tags or clothing advertising your business when you are carrying the deposit.A Guide to Robbery Prevention and Response to Robbery Tom Potter Mayor Rosanne M. Sizer Chief of Police.

Portland Police Bureau Robbery Prevention Robbery is a crime against your person rather than against your property. If someone breaks into your home or business and takes property from the premises, the crime is called a burglary. Find ways you can help prevent a robbery from taking place in your business.

Robbery Prevention Tips for Businesses Ways to Better Protect Your Assets and Your Employees. Share Flipboard Email While they wait they can document what occurred, including the time the robbery took place, what was stolen and a description of the robber.

Economic Deflation and How to Prevent It.

What Is Business Writing? Definition. Movies often glorify armed robbery and the criminals behind it. However, being robbed at gun- or knifepoint is a terrifying crime for its victims.

Find out what you can do to prevent it from happening to you. Crime Prevention Tips.

Home Safety. Keep your doors and windows locked. Too often, criminals get into homes through unlocked doors and windows. Consider installing solid core entry doors with reinforced door frames and dead bolt locks. Home Robbery Tips / After the Robbery.

Armed Robbery Prevention Armed robbery is one of the most serious and potentially dangerous crimes committed in the United States. A robber commits a holdup because he or she believes that the profit will be worth the risk.

By decreasing the possible profit and increasing the risk of apprehension, potential victims can reduce the chance of.

Prevent robbery
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