Pain management case studies

He is quite upset. Minor revealed a mass highly suspicious for primary liver cancer. She used the Percocet on a scheduled basis during the day and if she awoke at night. He rates his pain as a 6 on a scale at 9 pm yesterday and again at 3 pm today. One option is to alter the pain management method completely.

Gregory is a year-old woman who has been a patient for many years at the office where you work as an office nurse.

Case Studies

They are referred to you, the admitting hospice nurse, to formulate a plan for palliative care. Preoperatively he indicated that he had a very low tolerance for pain.

She began the amitriptyline at 25 mg to minimize anticholinergic effects and escalated the dose to 50 mg after 4 days. Her hour IM morphine dose required to control her pain has been 64 mg. She received a prescription for Percocet 1 tablet every 4 to 6 hours as needed in addition to continuing the Step I drugs she had been using.

Rodriques is likely to be NPO for more than 2 days after her surgery. British Journal of Anaesthesia. Keep affected foot elevated when in bed, protect from injury. In the last 8 hours of her life when she was unable to swallow, intravenous opioids and anxiolytic agents produced sufficient comfort for her family to perceive that she passed in peace.

At the 2 week office visit, she reports that she has been taking 2 Percocet 4 times a day.

Pain Management

A year later, Mrs. Which of the following treatment choices are best suited for this patient? She escalated her Percocet dose to the maximum 12 tablets or mg acetaminophen with insufficient pain relief.

Her story helps health professionals know that excellent symptom management is possible today. It was difficult for her to undergo diagnostic staging scans only four days after he died and biopsy bronchoscopy two days before Christmas, two weeks after her first hemoptysis.

Additionally, a mild anxiolytic was prescribed for her normal human response to a new diagnosis of a terminal illness. Gregory and her three daughters ask Dr. One night, they rushed to the emergency room with Janelle in hard labor after only a week gestation. Determining an effective dose of analgesia for pain out of control is very difficult with the fentanyl patch because of its long onset and peak effect.

A summary of how the Analgesic Ladder was implemented serves as an exemplar to health care providers in producing the outcome of total pain relief as a person dies from cancer.

A bone scan did not reveal metastatic disease and diagnostic procedures ruled out other etiologies of the pain. He also suggested that she consult a medical oncologist and consider chemotherapy or radiation therapy as a means to control the hemoptysis. Denying pain relief is not consistent with high quality care.

He was gentle and kind as he told her she had poorly differentiated nonsmall cell lung cancer metastatic to the other lung, both kidneys, and possibly the cervical spine. Which of the following require referral to a pain specialist?

What other therapies might have been effective for her type of pain and her belief systems. Yesterday and today, he indicated the pain at its worst is and at best it is a 6, maybe today.Case Study Examination.

This examination contains 7 questions. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

CRNA Pain Management Case Studies

There is no time limit and your responses are not graded. Case Studies in Pain Management is an excellent learning source for trainees in pain management and a must read for pain practitioners. Read more About the Author5/5(1).

Ten cases are available in the “Pain Management” module. Each case is written in a context relevant to this module. The last five cases are common cases that also can be found in modules for other topics.

CRNA Pain Management Case Studies Date Posted: August 14, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), educated with specialized training, skill, and expertise in pain management, provide chronic pain management in rural areas, underserved by physicians and healthcare facilities.

Start studying Pain Case Study. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Leading investigators in the fields of anesthesia, surgery, and pain management discuss current and novel data regarding the mechanisms of pain and the consequences associated with .

Pain management case studies
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