Ocr english literature gcse past papers inspector calls

Following the question, there will be three bullets which prompt candidates to demonstrate achievement of all the targeted assessment objectives for this question. The thematic link with the set text is flagged, but learners may identify others.

Learners begin by analysing the extract as a standalone text. These are all examples taken from the sample assessment materials on the OCR website. The themes of memory and community run through both extracts.

Each pair of extracts is accompanied by a question which follows the pattern outlined above, in the Content section.

There are only seven stories that are told and retold remind them http: Students should be able to: The third, and final bullet, targets AO2 and will ask candidates to consider the language and techniques the writers use to create effects.

By pairing the Orwell and Ishiguro extracts, learners are nudged towards a deeper understanding of Animal Farm: The task carries The questions in this delivery guide follow a similar format. The questions are designed to allow all candidates to access the assessment objectives being tested in this section of the paper.

There is also a scaffold to help learners answer the question. By considering both extracts at the same time, learners start to see that there could be a connection between memory and community; that a shared history is vital to the health of a community. There is a Generic guidance for using the scaffold which shows teachers how learners can use the unseen extract to locate a comparable set text extract and construct a suitable question.

Rather than being a separate skill, comparative study of texts helps learners hone the other skills that the specification aims to equip them with.

Questions will prompt candidates to consider relevant contextual factors concerned with social and cultural situations or experiences, which can be inferred from details in the set-text extract and unseen extract.

Teachers should tell students to look for texts that might have similar themes to the set text: They can look online at amazon.

As learner confidence builds, some could tackle the task in reverse, searching for an unseen extract, either using a specific extract from their set text, or with the whole book in mind whilst searching. The introduction to each extract will give clear contextual information, to allow candidates to develop inferences and ideas about relevant contexts for example, social class, gender, age, cultural and family relationships in order to make AO3 as accessible as possible to all candidates.

Using unseen modern prose and drama texts Navigate to resources by choosing units within one of the unit groups shown below.

Using unseen modern prose and drama texts

Non-fiction unseen texts from the era when the studied text was written can enhance understanding of the context the works grew out of, how context informs and shapes the language and meanings can be understood.

Comprehension skills, critical reading skills, the ability to evaluate and analyse the impact of language, form and structure can all be accessed via comparative study of texts.An Inspector Calls-English Literature Exam WJEC watch.

Announcements. ok i did an inspector calls 7 years ago for my gcse paper: English Literature/Philosophy & Ethics (Professional Placement Year) Bath Spa University. American and Canadian Literature, History and Culture. An Inspector Calls GCSE OCR J/01 Sample Exam Question including extracts.

3 customer reviews. Author: Created by Sugarann GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE OCR J REVISION PACK ROMEO AND JULIET.

An Inspector Calls Secondary Resources

I have created this resource for my students to help them to revise and remember key quotes. I have found it useful as /5(3). An Inspector Calls teaching resources for Secondary. Created for teachers, by teachers!

Professional Modern Texts teaching resources.


Ocr English Literature Gcse Past Papers Inspector Calls critical essay on hawthorne to evaluate the dissemination and usefulness of the hs2csr,; said brenda 7. AQAH-W-QP-JUNpdf. Oct 12,  · OCR GCSE Eng Lit - An Inspector Calls. Discussion in 'English' started by bhyt85, Dec 6, KS5 literature newbie: Hamlet Kidders posted, Replies: 11 Any AQA GCSE English language wasteland posted, Replies: 3.

May 26,  · GCSE past papers; GCSE reform and grade changes; Subjects A-H. GCSE Biology; GCSE English literature paper 2 an inspector calls watch. Announcements. AQA GCSE English Literature paper 1 and 2 question GCSE AQA English Literature Paper 1 Exam Discussion.

Ocr english literature gcse past papers inspector calls
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