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Both of them are analysed with regard to the new model of femininity they represent which runs against the common image of women of their time. She sees no need for education or self realization of women outside the house and, therefore, refuses to let Rose go to university.

Bisignani summarizes in her article History of Feminism: Despite this need for marriage most women thought that love was no condition for being married and having sex.

The First Wave the milestones of this movement: It starts at TC Thereafter, this behaviour will be described and analysed with regard to the expectations of women in the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century. To fit into these requirements on their outward appearance they for example put themselves in way too tight corsets.

This also shows that for Rose, different from her mother, love is a condition for being married because she does not want to marry Cal at all and tries to find a way out of this marriage.

It even marks the real beginning of her emancipation, as we will see in the following. In the course of this the basic questions mentioned above will be answered. Her brokenness gets very clear when Rose says: In the first part of the film it seems like she is taking a step back rather then taking one forward towards emancipation.

The fact that Ruth chose a husband for her daughter also demonstrates that for her love is no condition for being married and having sex, just like it was common at her time. Outwardly I was everything a well brought up girl should be.

Inside, I was screaming. It was more likely some sort of respect and obligation towards the partner without page numbers. She absolutely fits into the just mentioned role of women and, additionally, is very class-conscious which makes her even more unlikeable for the viewer as well as for her own daughter.

Another point of suppression was the female education at that time. Rose here starts to develop from the well-educated and well-dressed girl to an emancipated woman who keeps up with men - she is masculinised.

She embodies a new model of femininity that runs against those accepted in her society, as we will see in the following.

But this first impression changes when Rose starts talking for the first time.

But according to Spreethis hopelessness was no individual case in the 19th and 20th century: This attitude clearly shows the suppression and submission of women under their husbands. And Rose knew this. The elaboration at hand takes a closer look at the fictional character Rose Dewitt Bukater and the non-fictional character Molly Brown and her portrayal in the film.

But Rose is not always the tough girl she pretends to be. Although it in this case describes women in Germany, it was the same in whole Europe as well as in the States. The limited horizon and lack of education that she demonstrates with these statements indicates again her conventional life.

Women at the beginning of the twentieth century 2.

Jahrhundert the author Reinhard Spree offers a good overview on the topic: From now on the viewer becomes the witness of several different rebellious acts of Rose. Furthermore, some dubious statements found during research in international literature are questioned.

Sexual contact before marriage and, even worse, becoming a baby without being married pertained as unacceptable so that these women were insulted as whores and excluded from society.View Marco Xu’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

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Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability 3. Natural Hazards in the USA Motivation •Worldwide financial loss of billion US$ in (Munich Re, ) •Avoid risky areas to prevent financial loss •Lower vulnerability of new industrial sites Master Thesis Defence – Anne Birckigt Folie Nr.

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Munich re master thesis outline
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