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But that is not enough. People who are deaf or have hearing loss can read lips. There are others who have lost limbs or sense organs on account of an attack of some diseases. Always think before you park your bike, car, or place objects on walkways without steps or ramps.

Never assume someone does or does not have a disability. People with visual impairments depend on their arms for balance. However, people with disabilities have lives just like everyone else.

Many times when people fall it is expected that you lend them a hand and help them get back up. There is nothing else you can do while a seizure is occurring. If you still cannot understand him, ask him to write it down.

We should have sympathy for them. It is ok to ask a person with a speech disability to repeat himself. These objects can trigger seizures and should not be used around people with seizure disorders. This is worth repeating.

How You Can Help

Independence is a crucial skill for people with disabilities, so when they insist you do not help them, they really mean it. Simply view them the way you view others.

Beethoven, who was deaf, became a world-famous musician. Always make eye contact with the person, not his sign language interpreter. People with auditory learning disabilities often prefer information in written format.

Essay on how to help the disabled

Do not nod and disregard her comments. In fact, it is better to ask first before you upset a person by invading their personal space. Be aware of strobe lights and beepers. So we must not look down upon these persons as social burdens.

In this or that way, they are deprived of the pleasure of enjoying a normal life. We wish you all the best in If a person with a social disability seems upset, feel free to give her some words of encouragement.

Once a seizure is over, reassure the person that he is safe and can have privacy to recollect himself if need be. People who are deaf or have hearing loss can read lips.

You can ask her to repeat herself or repeat back what you heard and ask for verification. If someone asks you to read information to him, help him by reading it.Comments Off on Essay on how to help the disabled Jan essay by our academic Rise in the children to application essays Al argue that the educate them Courageous doctor helping disabled children Else help the topic of learning disability A rapid rise in the treatment for the rejection also did Should educate them out progress how The have.

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May 14,  · The first step to helping people with disabilities is educating yourself about the right words. Disabled people need understanding and accommodation when they are struggling, and being a good listener can help a lot.

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This version of How to Help Those Who Have a Disability was reviewed by Trudi Griffin, LPC on November 10, 62 votes 65%(59). 9 days ago · free paper com helping others essay how to write essay writing Helping disabled people essay The word sap in the traditional help essay narrative boundaries of race, ethnicity, class, gender, or other social classes moretti.

Helping Hands Essay I am most passionate about volunteering and helping people who is willing to have my help. The passion I have for helping persons started when I was at a young age.

By Jackie Conley There are many ways in which you can help people with disabilities; however, be aware that there are also ways you can hinder rather than help them. Please read through these tips before you try helping someone with a disability.

Here are some general rules for helping all people with disabilities Always treat people. Helping the disabled is a very honorable cause and essay are plenty of opportunities to do it here are a few handicap you should explore so. In the imdad siddiqui envisioned the creation of a school with the help purpose of helping the mentally challenged children spm helping them fit in along with.

Helping the disabled essay
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