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For many consumers, classic color is the Fashion show report of the wardrobe and the foundational core upon which they start building their own personal style. Our research provides an expansive look at all aspects of the industry, including fashion photography, fashion reality shows and top models.

If you want to convert trend report insights into action, ask about our Innovation Accelerator run by our CEO, a NY Times Bestselling strategist and top keynote speaker on innovation. Pantone offers designers, brands and consumers, products and services through three unique business divisions: Published for the fashion industry by the Pantone Color Institute, a trend forecasting and color consultancy, the report features the top colors we can expect to see from fashion designers on the runway for the upcoming spring collections.

Fashion show report palette for Spring is a perfect reflection of this new sentiment. Your dedicated researcher begins by consulting with you on the topic goals, desired depth, breadth and style of report or presentation you require.

For the first time this year, the report also includes four classic colors, which transcend seasons and provide structure to any wardrobe. About the Spring Classic Color Palette: Incite innovation in your business with the Fashion Show Trend Report.

Recognized around the world as a leading source of color information through seasonal trend forecasts, custom color development, and palette recommendations for product and corporate identity, Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to leverage the power, psychology and emotion of color in their design strategy.

Over 10 million designers and producers around the world employ Pantone products and services to communicate through color, and control consistency across various materials and finishes.

Demanding attention, this courageous, never to be ignored shade is viscerally alive. Who Custom Fashion Show Market Research is For Whether you are designing the set of a Spring Fashion Show and searching for fresh ideas or are an organization looking to throw a fund-raising event, our report efficiently tracks and catalogs the latest breakthroughs in the industry.

For the latest news, trends, information and conversations, connect with Pantone on InstagramFacebookPinterestand LinkedIn. The catwalk sets the pace for upcoming fashion collections, and it is crucial for designers to be aware of these developments.

The Fashion Trend Report is also beneficial for those outside of fashion, as it provides indicators of how consumer tastes will be dictated and shaped. Untypical spring shades that make for complex and original combinations expand the opportunity for self-expression and communicate the consumer desire to experiment with color all year round.

Your 50 - page PowerPoint trend report can be created in as little as a day although a week is ideal. PANTONE Arcadia Hinting at retro yet at the same time modern, Arcadia is a cooler, cleaner take on green; its tinge of blue undertone takes us into a new direction for the spring season.

More information is available at www. You contact us to let us know your needs. Suggestive of expansiveness and continuity, this azure blue shade reassures us with its promise of a new day.See our Fashion Show Tradeshow Report to get in-depth details about the buyers and exhibitors that participate in our shows.

Get up-to-the-minute fashion show coverage at New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Fashion shows

See photos, videos, reviews, and more. Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Hamish Bowles Chat About the. The fashion show atmosphere was filled with glamorous music. There was a fragrance of sandalwood throughout the room and the room was strategically arranged with numbering on each seat.

Decoration elements were all over the place. Fashion Show Trend Report and custom Fashion Show market research on fashion week, runway fashion, catwalk, fashion collections, fashion photography and Fashion Show trends.

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Who needs a fashion show when you have Kim's social media following? Fashion Shows The Fashion Spot's seasonal diversity report takes a closer look at the show castings. Fashion Shows.

Fashion Show Trend Report

The PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report serves as a color reference throughout the season for fashion enthusiasts, reporters and retailers. About The Pantone Color Institute™ The Pantone Color Institute™ is a consulting service within Pantone that forecasts global color trends and advises companies on color in brand identity and product.

Fashion show report
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