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The family tree I have created goes as far back as I can go given the resources at my disposal. Inmy grandparents, Eugene and Bernadine Bachtel, bought a farm in Eglon, WV, and continued the tradition of farming.

She still makes the squares and the puts the blanket on a quilting frame quilt. Uncle Bill served in the Korean War.

My grand father he lived through world war two and the new china war. We also have big Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter celebrations. I have quite an interesting family.

Every day he walked from Aurora to Ervin to go to work. Living in Aurora has allowed me to participate in all sports and activities at the Aurora School because it is a small, rural school.

My grandmother has a cell phone, satellite TV, an electronic fireplace, and a computer: My grandma still has a vegetable garden every year. I love everyone in my family. As we move on down my family tree, the next significant person would have to be Alexander Penny, who was born in We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did!

In is important to me because I was born that year.

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My great-grandfather, Dale Stemple, and my great-uncle, Kenneth Bachtel, also served in the military. There were fewer cars on the roads and more horses and buggies.

My grandfather died when my mom was 9 years old. She was a Wotring. He served in World War II.

My Family History Essay

The store also sold cookies, penny candy, and nickel candy bars. Living in Eglon has allowed us to have a dairy farm.Family History Project Family History Project You will use this project to practice several skills important to Journalism, including: You will write your family history in an essay format.

Please see the Family History Project Rubric for a guide on how to achieve the best grade possible! Family History Project Part 1 The Philippines is a nation made up of more than 7, islands. During the 16th century Philippines was under Spanish rule.

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Posted by Viola Wentzel on June 5, The students at Aurora School sent in dozens of wonderful essays about their family and about Aurora in response to our first middle school essay contest. Here are the 4 winning essays. My Family History in Aurora.

Family Genogram Project Liberty University Family Genogram Project The purpose of a student construing a genogram is to help a student gain an understanding of his/her family background. By gaining knowledge of one family it can help the student assist other understand how to help their clients.

The family history of everybody marks his past, his present, and his future, because the consequences of the actions remain in time. Second, anywhere that I could go I can be identify for my culture. My idiom, symbols of my country, the songs I like, the clothes I use, how I look, how I /5(11).

Family History Project - Most of the Filipinos worked on large farms in the San Joaquin, Imperial, Sacramento, and Salinas valleys.

They were paid even less.

Family history project essay
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