Essays on the foundations of aristotelian political science

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Foundational Thinkers and Business Ethics, Chicago: Studies of Particular Topics 1.Furthering that aim, an eclectic group of classicists and political scientists discusses the importance of Aristotle's political and ethical writings--for example, the Poetics, the Rhetoric, the Politics, and ethical and historical treatises--to contemporary approaches in political and social science.

Essays on the Foundations of Aristotelian Political Science by Carnes Lord, David K. O'Connor EPUB version downloads at 39 mb/s A surprising range of scholars. Aristotle > Contributions in political science.

Aristotle > Contributions in social sciences. Stay Informed. Sign up for eNews. Visit the UC Press Blog. Disciplines. Ancient World; Anthropology; Art; Communication.

Conversely, Aristotle takes a more political science approach of discussing and analyzing various constitutions to determine the best form of government, where the rational beings in a society are the natural rulers.

Aristotle promotes the idea of rule based on law rather than simple superiority. In Essays on the Foundations of Aristotelian Political Science, ed. Carnes Lord and David O'Connor.

Berkeley: University of California Press Saxonhouse, Arlene W.

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Essays on the foundations of aristotelian political science
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