Digital bangladesh a developmental strategy

In broader sense sustainable order highly depends on how the state is going to consolidate its developmental activities with democratic norms and values.

A mass computer-literacy program or even a government- sponsored computer course, offered perhaps as an incentive for every student who completes his or her secondary-school education, would benefit everyone. The practices in public procurement can lead to delays, cost overruns, and subpar output, which all add up to higher costs for the government—which ultimately means higher costs to taxpayers and donors.

Digital Bangladesh

Both qualitative and quantitative progress are occurring in human capital development due to increasing enrollment, gender equity and quality in education, training, profession, projects; reducing infant mortality and fertility rates; reducing birthrate following national family planning strategies since the s Birthrate- For further details, please see the fourth paper The second output related to this research project is a follow-up paper by Dr.

Energy is one of the primary drivers of economic growth and sustainable development. Geo-economics and Balancing Priorities for Bangladesh: UDCs are enabling rural communities to access government and commercial services as a result of innovations in ICT and mobile technology in service delivery.

Digital Bangladesh: A Developmental Strategy

The follow-up paper looks beyond the availability and suitability of jute for papermaking. The Program requires provision of an entire spectrum of web services to the Government sector as well as running specialized Portals for the benefit of citizens and other stakeholders.

If the state is not going to merge development with democracy then the unequal macroeconomic distribution might cause urban-rural, rich-poor and private-public contribution, allocation and consumption gaps. In the case of export diversification, it has been a matter of grave concern that though there are significant incentives provided to the export sector in Bangladesh, there is formidable difficulty in actually accessing such incentives, and they helped little in diversifying the export basket.

Capital Development Fund serves as the secretariat. The miracle of BDM can be analyzed within an integrative paradigm where the contributions and progresses of both public and private sectors are equally important.

Almost 8 million Bangladeshis are working in more than countries now. If there is will - backed by investment - there is a way. Notably, the RMG sector produces around 81 percent export-oriented income alone.

Its geophysical position coupled with highly dense population, limited resources and dependence on nature makes Bangladesh a hazard-prone country with many subsequent catastrophic events like irregular rainfall patterns, floods, flash floods, cyclones, saline intrusion, drought, sea level rise, tidal surge and water logging.

There are various dimensions to building a Digital Bangladesh, all of which are equally important pillars.

Making Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021 a reality, Government joins the Better Than Cash Alliance

But it is going to face enormous challenges to achieve a matured economic order and the age of high mass consumption because reaching 8 percent to 10 percent is not an easy task by diversifying and distributing the projected growth equally.

This makes it important to consider all activities that lead to the creation of knowledge directly or help in protecting the knowledge that is created.

The present government under the bold leadership of Sheikh Hassle has taken the landmark step to bring a radical change In the lives of millions of people by by using sophisticated science and technology in every field. Over 87 percent rural people derive at least some income from farming.

Still others concentrate on intensifying export promotion polices. Bangladesh commits to further national financial inclusion by accelerating the transition to digital payments Photo credit: Both activities involve creation of knowledge. Knowledge can be productively applied to promote technological change and facilitate reliable and regular flow of information.

The growth was uninterruptedly positive in every single year during this entire period.Digital Bangladesh Strategy in Action Introduction Vital Developmental Sectors The goal of Digital Bangladesh is to develop ICT systems, infrastructure and human resource for strengthening the vital developmental sectors to make a direct positive impact on the key social and economic indicators.

implementation of Digital Bangladesh vision. The Achieving Digital Bangladesh by and Beyond1 Background paper for the 7th Five Year Plan (7FYP) Plan (6FYP) places an equal importance to Digital Bangladesh as part of the nation’s development strategy.

Strategic Priorities of Digital Bangladesh Draft, October 3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) were recognized by the world leaders as a key development enabler in World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva.

Bangladesh: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers are prepared by member countries in broad consultation with stakeholders and development partners, including the staffs of the World Bank and the IMF.

In other word, making Bangladesh a digital one, we have to establish technology driven e-governance, e-commerce, e-production, e-agriculture, e-health etc., in the society emphasizing the overall development of the common people.

‘Digital Bangladesh’ as a development strategy The above discussion makes it clear that, arguably, ICTs can positively impact on development if appropriate ICTs are used under the right strategy .

Digital bangladesh a developmental strategy
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