Coin catapult worksheet

Ensure that students record the units used to measure the distance and the time.

After whole group discussion and ensuring everyone knows how to fill out the record sheet, divide students into groups of three. Students will Coin catapult worksheet write ratios and solve problems involving ratios and unit rates.

Students should record their data on the recording sheet. Each Coin catapult worksheet should have a time keeper, a person to work the catapult and someone to measure the distance. It can be part to part, or part to whole. Because of the size of the numbers generated in the activity, I recommend the use of calculators for all students.

Ask questions that lead students to find the distance in one second. The unit rate worksheet should be completed without the use of calculators for regular students, special needs may use calculator on the worksheet. Be sure to discuss question three on the recoding sheet, pointing out that the reciprocal of a unit rate can be helpful in answering questions.

It can be written in three ways: General Lesson Plan Learning Objectives: Now that you have this ratio the time it took a coin to travel a certain distancediscuss what it tells you?

Is there another way to write the ratio? You may need to remind students how to convert inches to miles divide by and then by 12 and seconds to hours multiply by 60 two times or multiply by You may also need to bring to students attention that the "avg" or average miles per hour is asked for and remind them to add all three rates mphs and then divide by three.

Since ratios can be expressed in the form of a fraction, does that mean that all fractions are ratios? Students should be familiar with ratios and know how to express them MACC. Ask students what unit rate they are most familiar with that is a ratio of distance and time? Three, with words, with a colon, or as a fraction What is a unit rate?

What is a ratio? Students will be able to find unit rates related to the distance formula. Talk about the time, it will be in tenths of a second.

Catapult a Rate

Students should be able to convert inches to miles and seconds to hours MACC. Groups will need to go outside on the sidewalk or in the hallway, being careful to not lose the coins. Summative Assessment Students will complete worksheet on Unit Rates.

Each student should have his own calculator. Students will participate in formative assessment at beginning of class to ensure each student understands ratios. Review with formative questions. Sometimes Given that the basketball team has 3 wins and 2 losses, what is the ratio of losses to games?

Yes it can, but attention does need to be given to what the numbers represent Give an example of a part to whole ratio. What activities or exercises will the students complete with teacher guidance?

Can you reduce a ratio? Begin with reviewing the data collected and review answers on recording sheet. How long will it take her to type 20 words?

Why might this vary? How precise are you going to measure? After all data is collected students should continue to work in groups to complete the activity. A fraction is a ratio that compares part to whole. Tell students that they are going to catapult three coins to find out which flies fastest.

Encourage other students to answer questions whenever possible.

Research the estimated MPG of new cars and discuss what this unit rate means in terms of purchasing a new car.This lesson uses student created data to find the unit rate of distance per time.

Students catapult three different coins, measure time and distance to find the rate of flight for each coin. Subject(s): Lesson Plan, Worksheet, Project.

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If you need this or another essay you may order it via [email protected] Operations Management. Assignment: Experiential Learning Exercise – Coin Catapult. Purpose. To assess your ability to apply statistical process control to evaluate a process.

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View Lab Report - SPC coin catapult worksheet from MBA at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science. R 3 2 4 6 8 Sample 1 3 5 7-chart x UCL x A R x 2 LCL x A R x 2 UCL x LCL x x x x R.

Answer to EXHIBIT TN.1 Coin Catapult Worksheet To catapult the coin put a pen or pencil under the 6 inch mark of the ruler. Put t. Other coins are used as money in everyday transactions, circulating alongside banknotes: these coins are usually worth less than banknotes: usually the highest value coin in circulation (i.e.

excluding bullion coins) is worth less than the lowest-value note.

Coin catapult worksheet
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