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Vietnam and the Military Consumer. Independent Study courses may count towards the cluster or elective requirements, but not towards the foundation, history, integrative seminar requirements.

Index of American Studies Theses & Dissertations

This part of the website is currently being assembled, and so examples of Magister Student Theses are still few but growing quickly. Prison, Pop Music, and the Prisonaires.

The foundation module comprises a language exercise, a course in Academic Writing and Book Club event.

American Studies

The specialization modules enable students to select one or two focal disciplines from the previously selected basic modules; they will finally choose one of these as the topic of their Bachelor thesis.

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Disrupting the Plantation Narrative. You can take advantage of bachelor thesis examples as to learn which areas you should focus in order to guarantee the excellence of your paper.

This module offers an additional qualification in the area of Anglo-American law and the relevant legal language. Thank you guys for helping me fulfill my dreams. The initial wave of Vietnamese immigration to the United States was born from misery—the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

Approval to count transfer of credit courses toward the American Studies major must be granted by the major advisor and the American Studies program director via petition.

Race, Romance, and Reality in American Perception, World and Society Issues 3 semester credit hours Any three hours listed under this section in the list of core courses will satisfy this core requirement.

The module conveys a structured foundation in the academic fields of History, Literature and Culture, Politics, Geography, Law and Religion. This will also assist us to ensure that we know all your instructions, preferences, specifications, and deadlines. Documenting the Myth of the American West.

Political Science 6 semester credit hours POL Introduction to American Politics, plus three additional hours listed under this section in the list of core courses will satisfy this core requirement.

Reclaiming the Black Female Body: Niklas does an especially good job exploring eastern and western German receptions and cultivation of powwow cultures and in analyzing the transatlantic dynamics informing German-American powwow networks.

To do so, students must enroll in the honors thesis course HIS or AMS their final two semesters and must complete a substantial original research project approved by the faculty supervisor and another faculty member. American Studies students will conduct interdisciplinary study of topics such as race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, transnationalism and border studies, urban experience, social justice, cultural studies, and religion.

The Muppet Phenomenon in the United States.


The additional module extends over three semesters and is recommended for students from the 3rd semester. Majors concentrate their studies in one of four interdisciplinary clusters: Interdisciplinarity modules consistently promote interdisciplinary work and allow a graphic visualization of the resultant synergy effects.What is American Studies?

What can I do with American Studies? "There is a breadth of knowledge, and an understanding of divergent viewpoints, that the American Studies program provides. The six-semester Bachelor of Arts in American Studies (BAS) at Heidelberg University consists of North American Literature and Culture, History, Politics, Theology, Geography and Law.

American Studies at Heidelberg University are designed as a multi- and interdisciplinary teaching program, thereby enabling students to get a better grip on the. In six semesters, students will be introduced to the central fields of American literature, culture, history, language, and media.

In the advanced courses of the Bachelor program students deepen their knowledge of American literature and culture in topical seminars and conclude their course of studies with a BA thesis on a topic of their choice.

Bachelor's Thesis American Studies: Leerdoelen: At the end of this unit, students will be able to: • Demonstrate the ability to undertake largely independent research projects at BA level, and produce an extended essay of an appropriate standard, and thus the capacity to undertake an MA program.

Bachelor of Arts in American Studies. The Department of History offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in American Studies and History. Students majoring in History may also select a concentration in Social Studies. The department also offers minors in American Studies and History.

More information can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. Hi, I'm a student of American studies in Germany and I'm about to write my bachelor thesis ( pages). The main components should be 'TV.

Bachelor thesis american studies
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