An analysis of the personnel selection in athletic programs

The AMI is self administered and consists of questions written with a sports frame of reference such that the respondent is asked what actions they would take or how they would feel about situations that occur in the field of sports. Coaches and teammates play an important role in helping international athletes develop a support system that will assist in the successful transition to a student-athlete.

Alien student-athletes in American higher education: That is to say, the knowledge, skills, and activities that are important to the job of an athlete are identified in this way.

Adjustment to new cultural environments. It should come as little surprise that international athletes felt the most difficult aspects of playing university sport in the U.

The pressure to succeed will leave many athletic directors and general managers looking for any edge that they can gain over their competition. Psychology Today, 14, Some of the other personal factors that have been identified as being related to the potential to accomplish include perceptions of locus of control, attributional style, self-efficacy, goal-setting ability, and achievement motivation Singer, For example, a talent pipeline of elite track and field stars from Kenya was found at schools like University of Texas El Paso and Washington State University, and a pipeline of track talent from Nigeria was identified at the University of Missouri and Mississippi State University 3.

Research needs to be conducted to assess the ability of the instrument to differentiate between successful and unsuccessful athletes.

The Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 15, Because prior performance and physiological data have been found to have such a significant impact on predicting those individuals that eventually qualify for a team, it is important to consider these variables as well.

This paper will review the factors that have been associated with athletic success, measures of these factors, and use of these factors in making selection decisions.

Academic achievement and social adaptation among international students: Development of a weighted application blank that measures these abilities would result in an increase in the reliability of selection decisions. With questions, the time necessary to complete is one limitation of this instrument.

Model of culture shock for international graduate students. Finally, one surprising finding from this study is only a quarter of respondents indicated university athletic department staff, such as coaches and administrators, were the key source of information regarding the opportunity to compete in the United States college system.

Advice dispensed by the sample in this study focused on understanding the dedication and commitment required of an NCAA Division I athlete, knowing the differences between schools, coaches, and athletic programs at various universities, and learning which schools and academic programs could offer international athletes the best opportunities back in their home country after their college career is complete.

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This staff member should serve as a liaison between athletic department personnel and other campus resources to facilitate a smooth transition. International student-athlete adjustment to U. Athletic administrators also play a key role, as discussed in the next section. The New York Times, p.

In addition to increasing participation numbers, international athletes have dominated in individual sports like tennis and golf, and led teams to championship performances 13, Eight schools were located in large metro areas with populations overwhile seven were located in communities with populations underIn addition, the ability to interact with others seem to be an important psychological skill within the team setting.

One obvious way of doing this is to select qualified personnel for the tasks at hand. Locational decision making and sojourn abroad. Quantification of these constructs would be necessary in order to make a decision. Canadian athletes were much more concerned with financial and travel logistics.

Results indicated that athletes selected to the team showed a significantly higher level of aggression, were more desiring and had a greater capacity for leadership, and were more mentally tough not easily upset by losing or criticism of their play.

Although Morris did not examine the predictive power of the AMI, she did recognize the importance of gathering additional information to discriminate between successful and unsuccessful individuals."Cost-Benefit" Analysis Applied to Personnel/ Human Resource Management Decisions John W.

Boudreau Cornell University sense, the resources used to support human resource programs/processes could also be used to buy new equipment, pay stock dividends, or purchase raw materials. Thus, the results of personnel investments must. Assessment & Selection Job Analysis Job analysis is the foundation for all assessment and selection decisions.

To identify the best person for the job, it is crucial to fully understand the nature of that job. This staff member should serve as a liaison between athletic department personnel and other campus resources to facilitate a smooth transition.

**Key Words:** international student-athletes, recruiting, transition to college. Analytics in Sports: The New Science of Winning. February player selection, customer relationships, business management, injury prevention, and so forth; larger teams will maintain only about personnel in the “front office,” so it is unlikely that they will employ large.

The selection of appropriate personnel is one means for doing this. Although coaches are experts in identifying the physical characteristics needed for success in their field; they lack the skills necessary to asses the psychological factors that have been proven to have a.

that support 18 athletic programs, including athletes, staff and fans (see list of existing facilities including analysis, programs, recommendations, The selection committee will use the following criteria to review submittals, to assess.

An analysis of the personnel selection in athletic programs
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