A biography of lena horne an african american movie star

Lena Horne Biography

She moved into cabaret performances in some part because her name had appeared in "Red Channels", a publication that circulated in the entertainment industry during the McCarthy "Red Scare" era that listed names of performers it considered "subversives".

Lena Horne was born in Brooklyn in but was raised in the South by her mother. During the same period, she was also very visible on television, appearing on popular variety shows and in her own special, Lena in Concert, in The studio cast a white woman, the beautiful Ava Gardner, as a woman who could pass for black.

In MayDandridge spectacularly opened at the Mocambo nightclub in West Hollywood after assiduous coaching and decisions on style with pianist Phil Moore. Are they living together? Her mother, Edna, was an actress with an African American theater troupe and traveled extensively.

Within a month, she was given a special Tony Award marking its success, and the show played performances, the longest run for a one-person production in Broadway history. When she was seven her mother returned and the two traveled around the state, which meant that Lena was enrolled in numerous schools for a time she also attended schools in Florida, Georgia and Ohio.

A little nepotism never hurt nobody, honey. That fall, she made a final separation from her husband they were formally divorced in June and moved to New York to restart her career.

The show was Jamaica, with songs by Harold Arlen and E. The film marked a first time she performed with the Nicholas Brothers.

Lena Horne

Although Horne never considered herself a jazz singer, and jazz critics agreed, she frequently performed and recorded with jazz musicians, and from the s on, she, like other traditional pop singers such as Tony Bennett and Rosemary Clooneyoften was lumped in with jazz artists for marketing purposes.

They were slaves on the Dr A B Calhoun plantation. Her schedule was much the same in Kennedy at the White House two days before he was assassinated.

Dorothy Dandridge

Although Kelly won the award for her performance in The Country GirlDandridge became an overnight sensation. She left school and returned to New York at age 16 to get a job as a dancer at the famous Cotton Club in Harlem.

She later admitted in an interview in Ebony May that she had married Hayton to advance her career and cross the "color-line" in show business.

She participated in the March on Washington inperformed at rallies in the South and elsewhere, and worked on behalf of the National Council for Negro Women.

There were tensions and jealousies on the sound stage. A notable exception was the all-black musical Cabin in the Sky, although one number from that film was cut before release because it was considered too suggestive by the censors:Dorothy Jean Dandridge (November 9, – September 8, ) was an American film and theatre actress, singer, and mi-centre.com is perhaps one of the most famous African-American actresses to have a successful Hollywood career and the first nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film Carmen Jones.

Find Lena Horne biography and Adding to the challenge of maintaining such a career was her position as an African-American facing discrimination personally and in her profession during a period of enormous social change in the U.S.

patronage. It did not bring in much money, and inwhen Horne was approached by an agent with an. At long last, the first serious biography of entertainment legend Lena Horne -- the celebrated star of film, stage, and music who became one /5(60).

May 08,  · Updated: May 10, Lena Horne was the first black performer to be signed to a long-term contract by a major Hollywood studio and went on to achieve international fame as a singer.

Lena Horne Profile: First African-American Signed to Long-Term MGM Movie Contract

Lena Horne net value: Lena Horne was an American singer, dancer, celebrity, and civil privileges activist who had a net value of $30 million. Lena Horne was created in Bedford, Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY in June and passed on in-may Lena Calhoun Horne was born June 30,in Brooklyn, New York.

In her biography she stated that on the day she was born, her father was in the midst of a card game trying to get money to pay the hospital costs.

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A biography of lena horne an african american movie star
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